Our 2015 Photo Story

Mic...check Script..check Scene...check Let's do this story!

Let’s do this story!

We’ve come to the end of another year! This time around we had some ups and downs. And we think it best to give you the highlights of our blog, our web series and our colleagues, as we wish you and yours all the best for the season and happy and prosperous New year!

Do ensure this photo story!

We started the year with our usual tech topics such as robotic farming, renewable energies and bringing old techniques back into modern production. It truly is astonishing what exists out there in the world both simple and complex technologies and sciences which make agriculture interesting to us youth. But behind all of this are people…young people!

Tech4agri at TFF

Growing out TFF community - Photo courtesy Thought for Food

Growing out TFF community – Photo courtesy Thought for Food

In came the Thought for Food Challenge and summit where we met some of the greatest and most enthusiastic young minds in food and agriculture today. The event was truly motivating having been introduced and are still in contact with finalist teams and other participants.

Tech4agri: the podcast that failed...but it will return!

Tech4agri: the podcast that failed…but it will return!

Then came a bright shining light and complete failure….well it depends on how you look at it. Tech4agri launched its very own podcast. We got some great feedback from you, our followers but reality hit, in that we just could not keep it up. When delivering our stories we want great quality and interesting content. While the podcast was great we found it difficult to find the type of content we needed while simultaneously handling our other projects. It lasted three episodes but it’s not dead it will return!

Tech4agri Team

Tech4agri Team

As an entrepreneur, failure is ever present. So Tech4agri regrouped and focused on what was needed to get its long planned web series off the ground! We finally got our team together! Meet our team again!

Agri journalists of Tech4agri

Agri journalists of Tech4agri

We started our work in  agri journalism and got great feedback with our mini documentary Agripeople! #Motivation

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 25: The 2015 Online News Association Conference at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel on September 25, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Daniel Petty/for ONA)

LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 25: The 2015 Online News Association Conference at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel on September 25, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Daniel Petty/for ONA)


Again we were #winners having earned a fellowship to the Online News Association conference for 2015 held in Los Angeles. We were humbled to be selected as one of the best early career young digital journalists for the event. #mindblown at all the tech we learned of that can be used for journalism!

WHYFARM Launched!

WHYFARM Launched!

Our dear friend and colleague Alpha Sennon then launched a start up of his own which growers future feeders from the ground up! WHYFARM (We Help You-th FARM), introduces creative approaches to reach out to the younger generation on the importance of the role they play in Agriculture. He and his full team were truly the highlight of World Food Day activities in Tobago and continues to go strong! Even a motion comic is in the works for the main character AGRIMAN!

#Breakthrough! After after months of planning we finally  launched Tech4agri: the web series! Have you seen our latest episode!

Enricka triumphs!

As our series progressed so to did other agriyouth: We were proud to see one of our biggest supporters Enricka Julien make it to the Global landscapes Forum and the COP21 as one of the few Caribbean youth out there! She said:

This was an amazing moment for me as Co-Lead of the Youth in Landscape Initiative Marketing Team. I had to awesome chance to represent the Caribbean and be part of a passion group of young adults who support other young adults. Also to meet a someone I admire a lot -Michael Hailu the Director of CTA .

Tech4agri on TV

Tech4agri on CNC3

Soon after we had our final great success of the year! We made it to tv…for all of 5 mins but it was great nonetheless.



Lastly tech4agri had the pleasure of meeting other youth around the region and a few from the pacific geared towards agriculture through the use of social media. The CTA once again supported this endeavor bringing us together from different backgrounds in support of the Caribbean Pacific Agribusiness Foum.

We have never had this before!

It was of great importance to us as we do not feel as if the stakeholders of the regional agri sector truly understands how important social media really is in today’s world. The event had so many problems but we youth made it happen! Cheers to us!

Tech4agri will continue to strive for the best in agri news for youth. We have had setbacks, for instance production of the web series has negatively affected regular blog posts but we hope to solve that problem in the future. Our series as well proves difficult in terms of establishing it as a business but we will not quit.

Remember we always stay dedicated!

From us at Tech4agri we wish you and yours all the best for the season and a happy and prosperous 2016!

MOJO In action 2

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