Tech4agri: the webseries

Introducing Tech4agri on Youtube! We have just launched our relaunched our Youtube page. Initially we intended to place the webseries on

However given that Youtube is very well known and has original or experimental production we felt the best home would be there. persons with passion usually run their on channels and this resonates with Tech4agri as we currently produce our web series.

With few resources we hope to make a big impact and certainly make a change. All of tech4agri’s work for the past four years have been done with passion.

Our web series will be launched on November 2nd. Until then check out our first 1 minute film: Baroman. We decided to place this film on Vimeo as the website houses film makers and the like.

(So in reality we have two accounts, Vimeo and youtube. however the web series will be on Youtube.)

A “Baroman” is a transporter within the local wholesale market of Trinidad. While filming an agribusiness owner for the webseries as he goes about his purchases in the market, we had the opportunity to observe a day in the life of a ‘Baroman’. Difficult, fast paced, but with sense of meaning as the market would be worse off without them. Enjoy.

Special thanks to all of you that viewed our precursor mini documentary Agripeople! Watch it again.

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