Robotic Exo Suit…for Farming!!!

A few weeks ago I posted on robotics and machinery in agriculture. Research is being done in many parts of the world to utilize robotic machinery for farming of every kind. Sooner or later agriculture will be Hard work no more! This prediction has come true! has reported that Japanese researchers have created a robotic farming suit. The website reports:

A new robotic power suit designed of the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Nokodai) has been created to assist farm workers and laborers in the Japanese countryside to continue with their traditional farming lifestyle. The new prototype model looks bulky and uncomfortable but design changes to the suit are continuing. The current robotic suit weighs 55 pounds and requires 8 motors and 16 sensors to make it fully functional.

The suit is expected to assist farmers in lifting heavy objects, thereby effectively reducing the risk of lower back strain and muscle injury. It is anticipated that another two years of research and development will be required to perfect the suit before it hits the Japanese markets at a retail price between $5,000-$10,000.”


  1. When converted to US (about $60 – 120) to price appears reasonable too! This is definitely the start of something good and can’t wait to see the perfected suit and witness demonstrations of its use!

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