But what is there in Agriculture (Part two)

Continuing in this series we feature the efforts of  Agriworks4U and Jerod Jadoonanan (and his team) as dedicated youth in agriculture that seek to make their careers in this field.

Be resourceful, Be forward thinking, Be smart…

In part one of the feature, we understood that a key way to succeed is to find your own path, or niche in the field. Following this one must pursue it diligently but at their own discretion. That being said many challenges await youth in pursuit of successful agribusiness or related careers. There are no jobs, no land, no resource, no training..or are there?

The list of problems are enlist but a little though and direction goes are long way. For instance Jerrod and his team are currently reaping the benefits of their efforts in pursuing vertical hydroponics.

Agriworks4U is a budding agribusiness in which tech4agri has partnered with based in Trinidad and Tobago.

The company is made up of dedicated and skilled youth all specialising in various areas in agriculture who seek to see the progress of the sector and its overall development.

We provide specialized services within the agricultural industry on a contractual basis to new and existing farmers. AgriWorks4U recruits and empower youths to have a more active role in the agriculture sector through the provision of employment under attractive remuneration.

But what is there for agriculture2A

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Keeping up to date: Old news is good news

How do you manage your information?

Where does your information come from? Given today’s connectedness on a global scale, mobile, internet and other communication technology reign supreme. What is even more impressive is the speed. Have you ever timed yourself to see how fast you can send a whatsapp message?

Through such quick communication valuable information can be shared. If passing knowledge along takes place instantly then it is only logical to think that the volume of information is likely to increase…and it certainly has! Everyday many of us receive over 50 emails, send hundreds of text messages and view thousands of megabytes of content on the internet.

This leads to an immense overflow of information that comes to you. which you either filter and use or pass on to others. For many of the forward thinking youth in agriculture it becomes a burden; endlessly checking your phone or computer, tirelessly trying to stay up to date on the latests happenings and this does not count your proactive efforts to search for needed information.

How to solve this problem?

Unfortunately there is none…at least none that we all know of. Each of us has our own system, our networks and groups and we each figure out our own way to manage this information.

Even so one way to handle this situation is to focus on specific groups and online communities particularly those found on social media. Blogs such as tech4agri can definitely assist you in keeping up to date.

In your effort to stay dedicated to agriculture it is imperative that you keep up with the opportunities and new information that is out there for the taking.

Old news is still good news!

Now that we understand the ‘problem’ of the information glut, tech4agri is here to help. Here is a summary of the latest technologies in agriculture. This piece represents the future of agriculture and it is not far off. Most of these technologies may just become common items and essential ones at that, within our lifetimes. For now, prototypes and research efforts are key in ensuring the efficiency, usability and other factors that would make these technologies all powerful.

Edyn. connecting people to plants…literally!

Edyn is a modern-design solar powered garden sensor and water valve. The idea is that using Bluetooth and a house’s WiFi, the devices will feed data straight from the soil to your phone in order to monitor tomatoes, basil or whatever else is in the garden. Sensors test the soil. For the water valve, if the crops are getting a little dry, tap a few buttons on the iPhone from work and give them a drink, or the software does so automatically.

The Edyn: Courtesy Modernfarmer.com

The Edyn: Courtesy Modernfarmer.com

The target demo of Edyn: Busy folks that have an interest in fresh produce but can’t always get to their garden. “A lot of people are passionate about food but simply don’t have the time,” says CEO Jason Aramburu.

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Graphic Design by Renaldo Matamoro

Graphic Design by Renaldo Matamoro

What the hell does this have to do with Caribbean Agriculture?

Resilience refers to building tolerance to ”Shocks” of all kinds such as natural disasters, economic crises, market issues, political turmoil, climate change, wars and others. Households, Communities and Nations are the target groups for building resilience. Given our recurring problems with Hurricanes and floods as well as high food prices there is relevance here for our region.Tech4agri is live at IFPRI 2020 Policy Consultation and Conference: Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security.

#Caribbean #Agriculture

This event marks the first time that representatives from the Caribbean and the Pacific have been invited. This means we small island developing states have a voice in the international sphere on the topic as our experiences can be shared with and we can learn from other stakeholders from developing countries.

I am proud to meet up with several representatives from the Caribbean Farmer’s Network, the Caribbean Rural Women producer’s organisation, the Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean Media Cooperation and the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute.

All you need to know on Resilience

Tech4agri will cover more relevant issues for you the reader in the next coming days. but in the mean time here is a quick message from Marcia MacNeil, Outreach Communications Specialist  at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), with all the info you would need to follow the conference and learn:

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To: The Stakeholder in Youth Development

Here’s an update from the Agribusiness Society of the University of the West Indies! Follow them on twitter @abs_uwi , on youtube (absuwi) and on their facebook group

 RE: MEDIA KIT: Grenada Study Tour 2013

 THEME: An Assessment of the Grenada Cocoa Industry: Innovative Practices and Lessons for other Cocoa Producing Islands

 In May of 2013, young professionals in agriculture, the Agribusiness Society of the University of the West Indies undertook its annual Study Tour which seeks to provide the most valuable of learning dimensions; practical exposure. As leaders in agriyouth development, the executive of the Agribusiness Society have embraced the learning by doing method, and have planned and executed this event for the fourth consecutive year. The same will be done for 2014.

Through diligence and hard work, these individuals were able to secure much needed financial support from various sources within and external to the University of the West Indies.

The society wishes to thank Dr. Selby Nichols, Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, a steadfast supporter of student development and major contributor these past four year and also heading into 2014.

The video above details the activities of the event.

#Win – Excellence in Agriculture Journalism Awards


New Media prize at the IICA/CARDI Agricultural Journalism Awards Source: Guardian Newspapers - Trinidad and Tobago

New Media prize at the IICA/CARDI Agricultural Journalism Awards
Source: Guardian Newspapers – Trinidad and Tobago

It’s my pleasure to inform you dear reader of success yet again! Tech4agri achieved success in the The Excellence in Agricultural Journalism in Trinidad and Tobago awards for 2013. A win was earned in the category for ‘New Media – Web based and digital media’  for the article “The Misunderstood Stakeholder…” published April 2013.

The article took the view of the agricultural extension officer, who in the Trinidad and Tobago agri sector is sometimes blamed for the lack of proper technical support that many farmers experience. An interview with one these misunderstood stakeholders revealed that they often face a severe lack of resources which limit their ability to provide the necessary support. Additionally, the articleprovided examples of how the provision of resources such as ICTs and transportation are a necessity for effective extension services.

The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI)  announced the winners of their 2013 media awards competition held under the theme: ‘Food and Nutrition Security in our Hands: Linking Policies and Practices’. The Excellence in Agricultural Journalism in Trinidad and Tobago awards were adjudicated by a team of highly-qualified professionals in the field of media and agriculture. – an excerpt for the IICA press release on the competition.

Awardees provided stories in agriculture for several medium including print, radio, television, human interest and feature items. There was also a Citizen Journalist/Youth category in which a member of the public was given a chance to shed light on relevant topics for the theme of the competition.

Tech4agri will continue to strive for the best in reporting the stories and topics in agriculture which are of meaning to you the reader. Thank you for your support.

Another example in which agriyouth should persevere in their endeavors. Stay Dedicated!