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SIEMENS|Stiftung - Empowering People Award 2015

SIEMENS|Stiftung – Empowering People Award 2015

The “empowering people. Award 2015” has opened its virtual gates!

The competition being held for the second time by the Siemens Stiftung (foundation) is looking for low-tech appropriate products and solutions that can help supply basic needs in impoverished regions.

Whether in the category Water & Waste Water, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Waste Management, Healthcare, Sheltering, Education or Information & Communication, any innovation, which has business potential and can be embedded in a social entrepreneurship model can be submitted to the contest.

Siemens Stiftung will be awarding a sum of 200,000 Euros to 23 successful entrants with 50,000 Euros awarded to the first prize winner, 30,000 to the second, 20,000 Euros to the third and 5,000 Euros to further 20 winners each. All entrants submitting promising solutions will be invited to join the “empowering people. Network“, a collaboration of inventors and social entrepreneurs worldwide.

Empowering ppl Award 2015

The Network holds regular online and offline meetings, encourages and facilitates cooperations, and makes all products and solutions accessible on a comprehensive Solutions Database. Entries can be submitted online by November 30, 2015, 12pm CET.

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