Pure Ingenuity

One of my favorite words in the world is ingenuity. It’s my go to definition for people in agriculture who not only solve their problems but do so with a curiousity and a flair that most people do not have.This attitude could be compared to that of an architect or an inventor who takes functionality, visual impact, sustainability and usuability, merging them all into one.

Using future technologies or even creating unique methods and techniques is now a common trend. Not only do the ingenious people of agriculture create or produce great products for consumption but their work also inspires others of all ages to create  as well. We all need some inspiration sometimes, you just have to know where to look.

Furniture Farming

This BBC Report introduces us to Gavin Munroe, “the man who grows fields full of tables and chairs”. Taking his experiences as a child of having to straighten his spine and the odd growth of a bonsai tree, along with his exceptionally high level of patience (granted his designs take six years to grow), Gavin transformed this combination of factors into something that is creative, fufilling and profitable.

Funiture farming

Phot Credit: Creator’s project of Vice News

Instead of growing trees to the best production size, choping them down, cutting them into smaller pieces and then putting it back together, Gavin grows the trees directly into the shape that is needed: It’s wood making redefined.

Underwater Gardening

Nemo’s Garden is an ongoing project of the group, Ocean Reef, who have for quite sometime been growing crops underwater! They have developed an underwater greenhouse which have grown crops such as basil, lettuce, strawberries and beans. President of Ocean Reef, Sergio Gamberini recognized that the ocean provides the perfect environment for plants to grow as they need constant temperature, water, light, protection from parasites, pests and changing weather patterns.

Using submerged  and transparent biospheres that are filled with with air, plants are able to get access to sunlight while being protected from pests and other harmful elements. The sea holds a constant temperature while the water on the inside of the biospher evaporates allowing salt water to be naturally desalinated to nuture the plants. It is truly an astounding innovation! After 3 years of experimentation Nemo’s Garden is now on kickstarter looking for continued support.

Floating Cultivation

Creating a living organism, in sync with the environment, from recycled materials- an amazaing feat. The Pnat think tank in Italy has come up with a futuristic way to help farmers in environmentally challenged locations grow food. The floating Jellyfish Barge uses biomimicry to simulate the natural processes needed to produce food in a self sufficient way.

Phot Credit: AgFunder

Phot Credit: AgFunder

The structure, built with low-cost technologies and simple materials, consists of a wooden base of about 70 square meters, floating on 96 recycled plastic drums, and a glass greenhouse supported by a wooden structure. The barge draws on solar desalination, greenhouse technologies, and floatation engineering to offer a fully self-contained food source.

If you aren’t inspired by now, I really don’t know what will! With so many open and creative agriyouth out there I believe we can certainly be just as impressive as the aforementioned projects. In fact get started today, the TFF Challenge is great way to do just that.

Stay Dedicated!


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