A Winning Team!

Dear Readers,

We’ve got great news to share this week! Firstly we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the new Tech4agri team. Kareem Barnes, Suelin Novarro and Renaldo Matamoro agriyouth all based in Trinidad have joined our ranks to lend their skills to the development of the blog into a social enterprise.


It is from this new change that Tech4agri is a winner yet again! Renaldo and myself (Keron) teamed up for our first video and were then named honorable winners of the Global Water Partnership-Caribbean Media Awards on Water 2015 – Video Competition.

The competition which was open to all Caribbean nationals, sought to challenge participants to raise awareness on the importance of a dedicated ‪#‎watergoal‬ in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are being negotiated this year. Get to know more about the winners. And see our winning video below:

Now get to know our team!

Each individual was specifically chosen for their multiple skills, experience and background. Educationally each member has completed or is in the processing of completing a degree in Agribusiness or other related field. This standardization amongst team members was purposefully done as Tech4agri intends to have passionate personnel who have an understanding of the importance of food and agriculture. This is what will drive our activites as we utilize our skills to bring the webseries and other projects into reality.

Hello Tomorrow Presentation

Suelin exemplifies skill in brand marketing having a background in public speaking and work experience as a relationship marketer for the local food business, Habanero ltd. As a young professional in agriculture she works under the government organized, Agriculture Professionals Development Program (APDP) and serves as a youth advocate with the Reach Out and Touch (R.O.A.T) organization.

Kareem  has the strongest background in agriculture on the team coming from a farming family and as a graduate of the locally based, Youth Apprenticeship Program in Agriculture (YAPA). Kareem has exhibited exceptional people skills and serves Tech4agri as a technology and gadgetry expert. He periodically reviews and is familiar with the latest consumer technologies available in our world today.

Renaldo has an educational background in both environmental studies and agribusiness. However his most prominent skills include videography, editing, photography and graphic design. He has exceptional experience in these areas, serving an impressive clientele as a freelancer and working part time with local production company, Strictly FX.

And myself (Keron) an agri-journalist of four years of experience as a freelance writer, social media reporter and blogger. I’ve conceptualized the idea for the web series, will be serving as team leader and, as you know managed the blog on which the series uses as a foundation for expansion. These days I’m a mobile journalism enthusiast and will bring the journalistic skills needed for the web series.

Stay dedicated and stay with us as we continue to bring you the info you need!


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