Tech4agri: the podcast Ep 3: Forgotten Lands

Forgotten Lands

There’s a notion in general agricultural diaspora that the small farmers of the world are the majority group of food producers who truly feed the world. I would say this is true to a large extent but others may dismiss this an opinion. Regardless small farmers do make a contribution.

They are a majority that is treated like a minority. The issues this group of stakeholders face are many and yet they continue in their lives because agriculture is their life. It is a sustainable means to supply a livelihood for themselves and their families. And yet, I’ll say it again, they are a majority that is treated like a minority.

Welcome to Tech4agri: The Podcast episode 3 – Forgotten lands.

This week we bring attention to a common recurring problem. David versus Goliath, Small business versus big business, the neighbourhood versus greedy politician…Describe it however you want! With this post Tech4agri simply wants the Farmer’s voice to be heard.


  1. I certainly agree with your opinion. My whole professional work experience while working with corporates and with rural development programmes connotes the efforts for upliftment of resource poor farm families should be taken up jointly with private sector from designing of any project. Primarily subsistence needs to be achieve targeting food insecurity problems and then advancing efforts for market oriented agriculture. Small holders association formation, internal bonding and capacity building is utmost important criteria which determines the effectiveness of favorable terms of trade with market player and future scope of their fate. Believe me every resources poor has innet capabilities to overcome poverty, what they require is dedicated, honest support system, extension services in their path towards development.

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