Tech4agri: The Podcast Ep 1- Thought4food

Hey Readers!

A lot has been going on with Tech4agri.  As you may remember late last year we did a survey for our upcoming projects which you responded to and give great positive feedback. So we are working hard on getting these projects together!

Fortunately we were able to launch Tech4agri: the Podcast last February but we unfortunately did not get another episode out..until now! Introducing out first episode: Thought4Food!


Firstly, apologies in advance for the poor audio in some parts. We’re new to podcasting and just jumped right in so we are learning by doing.

This episode focuses on the threat of world hunger which many are unaware of. Our population will become significantly larger than it is now in just a few years.

Those of us that have proper food access and food availability now may not have this luxury in the future.

What then of those who are food insecure in the present; what happens to their future?

In comes the Thought for food organisation which provides a platform for young innovators to solve this issue. In this podcast we learn more from participants of last year’s competition.

So we’re asking you, our readers to also be our listeners!


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