Thank You, Season’s Greetings and a new Horizon!

~~~Thank you!!! A big thank you to all the readers and followers of Tech4agri in 2014.~~~

In the last half of this year there has been an increase in the number of followers from all around the world. We now have 100+ followers on, over 1000 likes on the Tech4agri Facebook Page and over 1900 followers on the blog itself.

Thank you for helping our website grow. It has been a tough year but some great stories have definitely illustrated progress and success.

A lot is in store for Tech4Agri this coming year, however it all takes research and development. In this sense you can help. Please fill out this survey so that tech4Agri can validate its upcoming projects to support agriyouth.

Looking forward to 2015!!!

~~~Season’s Greetings to you and yours! And all the best for 2015!!!~~~~

Happy holidays



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