But what is there in Agriculture (Part two)

Continuing in this series we feature the efforts of  Agriworks4U and Jerod Jadoonanan (and his team) as dedicated youth in agriculture that seek to make their careers in this field.

Be resourceful, Be forward thinking, Be smart…

In part one of the feature, we understood that a key way to succeed is to find your own path, or niche in the field. Following this one must pursue it diligently but at their own discretion. That being said many challenges await youth in pursuit of successful agribusiness or related careers. There are no jobs, no land, no resource, no training..or are there?

The list of problems are enlist but a little though and direction goes are long way. For instance Jerrod and his team are currently reaping the benefits of their efforts in pursuing vertical hydroponics.

Agriworks4U is a budding agribusiness in which tech4agri has partnered with based in Trinidad and Tobago.

The company is made up of dedicated and skilled youth all specialising in various areas in agriculture who seek to see the progress of the sector and its overall development.

We provide specialized services within the agricultural industry on a contractual basis to new and existing farmers. AgriWorks4U recruits and empower youths to have a more active role in the agriculture sector through the provision of employment under attractive remuneration.

But what is there for agriculture2A

The Company provides the following services:

  • Land Preparation (Clearing, bed and drainage development)
  • Planting Services (Seeds, seedlings and trees)
  • Land Maintenance (Fertilizing, molding, irrigation, brush Cutting)
  • Alternative Agriculture (Hydroponics,  green houses, vertical farming, window farming, aquaponics)
  • Development of intended agricultural products via innovative farm and business practices
  • Provision of professional development courses for young professionals in agriculture
  • Social media consultancy for agri-enterprise
  • Grant/Proposal writing and Editing Services

The team can provide all of these services but certainly not at the same time. Many factors bound our efforts but we as agriyouth are the innovators of today and the future of the sector. In order to provide these services the company makes use of very limited resources and forward thinking strategies for the full benefit of our customers. As a team we depend on our skill sets and expertise to have projects going in agriculture. Contact us at agriworks4u@gmail.com

Little by little, through a forward thinking perspective we make progress in our endeavours, which is certainly not easy, however anything  truly worth getting is easy to get.

 …and then success in gained

Turning to Jerrod and his team who are currently experiencing success in their hydroponics project. This group of agriyouth have also utilised the resources at their disposal, took a risk and it has paid off. The images below highlight their progress proving that hydroponic production is clearly a valid method. It should be noted that this was done without a University education which many believe is needed to get ahead…of course this is not entirely true.

The strong point was his dedication and construction skills. This added to a few courses in the field gave him what he needed to start his business. Now the next hardest part (with the first being to actually start any business) is to maintain his production, invest and grow.

But what is there for agriculture2B

Stay in sync with tech4agri for the final part of this three part feature. It involves YOU!

Tech4agri will host a live session on this topic of “What is there for me in Agriculture?” This will be an online webinar whereby information on how to find job opportunities, further education opportunities, as well as tips on how to forge your career in agriculture will be provided. Most importantly you will be able to air your concerns and asks questions on how one should progress themselves. 

The online conversation will be held in this month with limited space so please look out for details.






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