Producers on the ‘Innocentive’ – Part 4

Producers on the Innocentive8

Last but certainly not least in the series is the Aquaculture Association Of Trinidad & Tobago (aQuaTT).

With a revamped website and new management the Aquaculture Association of Trinidad and Tobago (AQUATT) is well on its way to ensuring the progress of its members. The association has a data base of about 400 persons, 75 members, and approximately 24 (including a nine member Board of Directors) financial members of which 5 (non-board) are producers.

In early December 2013 the association offered an introductory training session in partnership with the ASTT (Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago) and the SFC (Sugarcane Feed Center).

This was a 10 day course that spanned 10 Saturday sessions. Certificates under the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) system was awarded to all 30 persons that completed the training adding new producers to the industry’s growing number of stakeholders.

Its new website consolidates all relevant information on aquaculture production including opportunities for training, jobs, current projects, online resources and industry updates. In addition the group has a very active facebook group.

Even though the website facilitates an online membership hub for market information, the group now holds regular general meetings every month.

This type of organisation and camaraderie among the industry’s producers have spawned provided the incentive for innovation among the aforementioned.

As illustrated above one producer utilizes vertically cut and stacked water tanks to house her tilapia fingerlings which she makes available to other producers.

The tanks are stacked on a metal frame three sets high by three sets wide supported by a powerful pump system.

This producer has seemingly invented ‘Vertical Aquaculture’. Although this technique’s counterpart, vertical farming is a prevalent topic, never has vertical aquaculture come to light.

The producer employees another simple technique by partially burying horizontally cut water tanks to improve its stability as when the tank is cut its loose some structural integrity.

If you have seen Vertical Aquaculture in practice elsewhere in the world, please share this innovation. Comment below or post the information at the tech4agri facebook page.

For more on the ‘Innocentive series’, see the previous posts: Part Three, Part Two, Part One and the prelude!

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