Producers on the ‘Innocentive’ – Part 2

Greenhouse technology is by no means a new phenomenon. It has been made to perfection by producers of the Netherlands and other European countries,  out of the necessity to grow food year round.

Although the technology is meant to prevent the cold, many farmers around the world utilize the structure in protected agriculture, meaning it protects crops from any sort of weather particularly excessive precipitation.

In that sense Caribbean producers have long since adopted the technology notwithstanding a few modifications.

Some have only maintained or used a variation of the roof structure that is, the entire house has no walls or encasement. Conversely others have replaced the material the structure is made of from heavy plastic or glass to netting, shade cloth and other types.

These designs have led to the creation of shade houses. The reason behind these modifications are clear.

The Caribbean region lies within the tropic zone which means excessive heat becomes a major problem with fully intact greenhouses.

Producers on the Innocentive2

Therefore the producers illustrated above, husband and wife agriculturist team, Jude and Sam have accomplished what many could not.

Their greenhouse is in fact, completely intact. As you can see, they utilize misters, fans and a combination of polyethylene (plastic) roofing and netted walls which combat the heat.

In addition irrigation lines are run to feed each of the tomato, sweet pepper and chive plants within the structure with fertilizer on an electronic timer. In short the entire system is automated.

Misters and other mechanics trigger according to temperature within the vast greenhouse. Even so the greenhouse also makes use of simple items such as trellis clips,  plastic potting and soil less medium.

Although the initial set up cost was high, and the system requires frequent attention, the quality of produce that Jude and Sam receive are above par. Such produce assures a higher earning market and contract farming deals.

This two person team has proven that full scale greenhouse technology can work effectively. However they have advised that one must ‘Stay Dedicated!’ in order to succeed.

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