New Beginnings!

Events and People of 2013 on  the Tech4agri blog

Events and People of 2013 on the Tech4agri blog

Friends, Readers and Colleagues!

We have come to the end of another year! 2013 was eventful with many conferences, forums, training sessions, discussions and workshops to be had within African, European and Caribbean Agriculture. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank YOU, for your readership and support over this past year. According to wordpress stats, tech4agri has received approx 800 – 1200 views per month for 2013 and then some! Your support is greatly appreciated and I eagerly look forward to your involvement in the activities of the blog for 2014!

Big changes will be coming next year!

Tech4agri will be overhauled with a new upgrade. It’s been a year since the last re visit to the design, layout and content management of the blog. So please look out for it early January and your feedback is needed in the future.

Here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming upgrade:

  • A re-design of the look and feel of the blog to improve useability
  • More guest bloggers will be invited to share their thoughts and expertise on the blog.
  • Home is where the heart is: A series of blog posts centred on ICTs and agriculture in Trinidad. As you know previous blog posts have been on regional and international conferences and agri-innovations. So the first month or so will feature trinidadian agribusinesses and initiatives. And then…
  • To Europe! tech4agri goes international…more on than in 2014

Even though changes will be made to the tech4agri blog, feel free to visit and like the tech4agri facebook page. The page acts as a source for grants, scholarships, further education and job opportunties for individuals and groups, in addition to information on large scale project funding, and innovative & news worthy stories, blogs, and articles in agriculture. The overall page will remain the same but its information will be continuously updated.

This week several opportunties were posted from the Platform for African – European Partnership in Agricultural Research for Development,(PAEPARD) the Young professionals Platform for Agricultural Research and Development (YPARD) and the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA): Youth in Agriculture Blog Competition.(Yobloco)  Worthy to metnion is that tech4agri was a winner in the first edition of the Yobloco awards so you are highly encouraged to submit your blog. Check out all these opportunities before the year is out!

Also similar links and resources can be frequently found if you follow @wiscobasco on twitter, the ‘semi professional companion’ to tech4agri.

And lastly to close out the year, tech4agri proudly features Jeanine Eugene and Enricka Julien, agri youth from the Caribbean who are making strides, and remain dedicated to agriculture. Both Jeanine from St. Lucia and Enricka from Trinidad were social reporters at the recently held ICT4Ag Conference in Kigali, Rwanda. As a successful international conference, both individuals, bloggers alike gained invaluable experience and learning which has motivated them to continue their individual and development work at their respective institutions. Visit Enricka’s blog and Jeanine’s blog before the year is over as well. They are this month’s youth in agriculture. See a link to their work in the homepage menu of tech4agri.

As the last major post for the year, I would like to once again, thank you the tech4agri readership for your support. We had a great year for agriculture!

See you in 2014!!!

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