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Tech4agri would not be the same without a constant update of the latest technological applications which can be found in today’s world. As we all know mobile applications lead the way in development making it’s way into every field imaginable. For developing countries this maybe a setback as although mobile phone penetration is widespread and commonplace, the network infrastructure necessary to physically utilize mobile apps may not be as up to date as it should be.

However, there is certainly no harm in being aware of what exists. In addition there are many other outlets that can be of use almost anywhere. Simple databases and other online resources such as tech4agri itself is readily available. Here is your update on what’s out there:

Apps Resource and more 1

The Leftover swap app

Leftover Swap is an application that seeks to reduce food wastage. In many developed countries large portions of food are served at all types of food outlets. However much of it is thrown away going to wast. “The app. that is expected to launch later this month. will let users barter or give away their unwanted restaurant remainders. Users who don’t want their leftovers will snap a photo of their food and post it to the app, then anyone in the area can arrange a pick up or delivery.” At the same time it brings a social aspect to food exchange in that you are able to meet potential “food takers and food givers” through the development of a community. One major red flag that I have observed is the issue of health and food safety. Only time will tell how the creators of this app will tackle this issue.

Apps Resource and more 2

Andrew Thompson a plant scientist at Cranfield Universit

An EU project in development called Waterbee is working to save water using maths, technology and farming intelligence. The plan is to achieve water savings of 40% while improving crop quality too. Andrew Thompson a plant scientist at Cranfield University, UK explains how the procedure works –  “The model divides up the soil into layers and then uses calculations for the transfer of water between layers. It takes into account details of the soil, irrigation system, crop, roots and likely yields. The system makes irrigation recommendations based upon soil-moisture and weather data delivered via wireless technology to a computer server.” One major necessity is the need for mobile phone coverage so that the data can be sent to the selected phone app at any time. There are now numerous apps and electronic systems for precise and remote irrigation that can be utilized.

Apps Resource and more 3

Koubachi: The Smart Plant Care Assistant

Koubachi: The Smart Plant Care Assistant – coming from a range of similar tools, here is Koubachi, a wifi enabled plant sensor for both indoor and outdoor plants. Homegardeners may find this tool of particular interest. The device accurately determines the vitality of your plant and sends you a notification with precise care advice at the right time. It provides, soil moisture, light intensitiy and temperature data which can be sent to your wi fi enabled

Apps Resources and more 4

The homepage of

 A new powerful resource can be found at This online resource is the major wiki that focuses on agricultural water management  and the challenge of achieving food security in the context of climate change in developing countries.  This wiki provides easy and free access to state of the art know-how on the subject and it allows practitioners and development experts to share knowledge and good practices – Agricultural Water Management under Climate Change for Food Security. Geared towards developing countries you’re encourage to visit this website if you need the info as members of the ACP countries. There is a learning curve however in using the wiki. (A wiki is a web application which allows people to add, modify, or delete content in a collaboration with others.

Apps Resources and more 5

The homepage of online networking tool, Planet

Planet is a new initiative and social platform. The online community is a professional social network which contributes to the sustainability and development of the agriculture. It is aimed at Professionals in the EU ACP agricultural sector (fruit and vegetables, coffee and cocoa, fishing/seafood) and for any individual who wishes to contribute to building up an agriculture that helps to alleviate poverty and improve food security worldwide. Consider signing up!


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