Youth: Build your Capacity!

As youth in agriculture we need to realize that we cannot sit back and wait for anything to be handed to us. You must get up and do it yourself! Search out those opportunities. In today’s world with ICTs and social media rampant, information on opportunities are everywhere. Even so, situate yourself to learn from every dimension and environment as possible. Always seek to build your capacity.

Today we commemorate International Youth Day! #IYD2013 Youth all around the world strive to better themselves and you shoudl do the same, every chance you get! Here are some examples of agriyouth taking that extra step to better themselves in the simplest of ways, sharing their own expertise and building their confidence and knowledge.

Buildyourcapacity1 Buildyourcapacity2 Buildyourcapacity3


  1. Youth in Agriculture has been on the rise in Trinidad and Tobago. I happy that initiatives have started for the encouragement for youth in Agriculture including this blog. My simple and tender word of advice is ” be prepared when the opportunities arises”: and show professionalism in all affairs in Agriculture.
    Great work Mr Bascombe once again. Thumbs up to tecg4agri

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