On point and moving forward.

ABS moves forward.

ABS Executives on a site visit with potential angel investors, seeking to provide the most valuable resource in the agricultural field to assist in ensuring the sustainability of the society and development of agriyouth.

This week we take a brief look at the Agribusiness Society of University of the West Indies, paying homage as one of the reasons why this blog was started two years ago this July.

The Society is at another crossroad. As a student organisation under the jurisdiction of the Guild of Students of the University of the West Indies, it’s executive must change every academic year.

This ensures the continuity of the student groups and gives incoming students a chance to develop themselves in their various fields, practices and hobbies. However as it relates to the executive of the ABS, its entire executive is changing as all members are graduating or stepping down entirely from service to the club.

Despite this the future of the club looks bright as those who have stepped to the plate are willing to take on the responsibility of maintaining the standard that the club has set these past three years.

The ABS seeks to be self sustaining in its endeavors as our emphasis is on practical exposure for our student base. The student group is currently establishing yet another linkage with a partner in agricultural development, ReGreenTT (Re-Green Trinidad and Tobago) who may solve the long standing problem faced by many agriyouth that seek to involve themselves in direct primary production; Lack of Land. Fortunately this resource, which is under an undisclosed memorandum of understanding may be provided to the society in order to further our goals.

We seek to bring the best and most suitable innovations in agriculture to our student based for their hands on learning via this potentially powerful agri-project. As the project expands our trained minds in agribusiness are to be put to use making sure that the project leads to profit generation which in turn will be funneled into the society’s activities such as our annual Study Tour event to another Caribbean island for practical exposure in regional agri-sectors.

With this project in the works, the new executive must still carry out the yearly activities seeking to encourage and support as many youth in agriculture as possible.


  1. I will like to commend the work of the predecessors of the Agribusiness Society, as they created the way for those to come now..With every good intention being followed by a good action is a path the society will take to truly prosper. SucH work becomes extremely important when the state of the sector continues to depreciate for the youths. Thank god for Technology4Agri as a means of inspiration for myself and many other young people whom follow this effort.
    May God Reward you Mr Bascombe for your good work.
    ThumbS up to you and the old and new executive of the Agribusiness Socierty of UWI

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