Brand New (this month) on tech4agri

tech4agri page updatesIn keeping up that standard here are some new additions to the tech4agri blog!

Meet the Youth in Ag for the month! Firstly we have a friend in development, Marina Cherbonnier of France! A dedicated young professional who seeks to help many others like herself. Skilled in ICT for development, she works as one of the major organizers of the Young Professionals Platform for Agricultural Research and Development. To interact with her find her on twitter @MarinaDev or on YPARD.NET

Next we have my very good friend and colleague, Alpha Sennon of  Trinidad and Tobago! Another dedicated youth in agriculture. He is a farmer first above all else. This adds greatly to his academic background as very successful student of agribusiness and as a development advocate. I have personally worked with Alpha on the executive of Agribusiness Society of  the University of the West Indies and also on group projects in a practical, hands on setting. Visit his profile on LinkedIn

Additionally organisations Info Dev and App campus, have been added to the AGRI LINK WALL. Visit the page today for a list of useful organisations in many an agricultural endeavor both regionally (Caribbean) and internationally based. Feel free to suggest any organisations or groups that can be placed on the LiNK WALL for the benefit of all.

Lastly a few new blogs have been followed by tech4agri with the last few weeks. Most recent is the upcoming 6TH Africa Agriculture Science Week  (AASW) and meeting of the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) to be held from 15th -20th July in Accra Ghana. The Conference theme centres on Africa Feeding Africa through Agricultural Science and Innovation. A social media team comprising of many youth from varying backgrounds will be covering the event. it promises to be a powerful and motivating experience. tech4agri will be acting as an offsite reporter for the event so look forward to posts and tweets originating from that activity across the world on the African continent! Follow the events live on twitter @FARAinfo via #AASW or yours truly @wiscobasco

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