The AGRI LiNK Wall

Sometimes local, regional and international structures in the agricultural diaspora can be overwhelming. Networks, Institutions, businesses, organizations and databases are spread everywhere. With our connected world, they may not be hard to access but it is a huge amount of information to sift through.

Finding the right resource is key for many persons interested in agriculture in anyway. And given the inter-connectedness of food as a necessity for all, it just about relates to every one. In this light tech4agri is proud to present the The AGRI LINK Wall!

This page is a brand new feature of the tech4agri blog and can be found to the left of the homepage as the first item on the menu. It provides valuable links to the global discourse in agriculture. Links are provided to research institutions, innovative agribusinesses, internet resources, powerful networks and influential organizations. Feel free to browse to find the agri information that you need!


While you’re at it, check out the new ‘Youth in Ag’ for the month of May. Idowu Ejere is a young professional at the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA). She functions as the communications officer and social media coordinator for the organisation. You can visit her blog where she writes her musings and experiences as a young diplomat.

Apeh Omede is an animal scientist, university lecturer and PhD researcher in poultry science. His interest lies in social change in Agriculture and Youth Development. He established and runs the Agro Youth Centre, a blog committed to helping youths venture into agriculture for development by sharing views and ideas about the potentials and the opportunities that agriculture presents to the youths of today.

Look forward to upcoming posts on agricultural engineering, insights into the small producer of the Caribbean and other pieces of investigative journalism! Stay dedicated!


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