Odd but Brilliant – Agri Design

Ingenuity knows no bounds when people try to meet their own needs. This is especially true when it comes to agriculture. Since agriculture of any kind provides all food in one way or another, one would come across powerful and effective agri food systems meant to meet the needs of those who design them.

These needs are based on their environment, resources, climate and geographic location. Therefore many of you readers may think these designs are not very effective. However, be reminded that they are based on the user’s needs. Situations differ around the world. Even so a random person’s creativity can inspire many others.

As a result you’d come across some extremely odd designs for food production. However due to the aforementioned factors they can also be seen as ingenious. Here are a few strange or rather superb examples of food production design: Odd but Brilliant – Agri Design. Click each picture set for more details.

Bamboo and coconut - Hydronut

Apt Space Saver    Walipini - underground green house

Bamboo Vertical gardens

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