Discover Rural Renewable Energy!

NaRural energy

NaRural Energy, online community based in Spain, with members from all over the world. Join the community find the most suitable rural renewable energy for your agri enterprise

Some time ago, via twitterI met Albert Campi creator of the blog Renewable Energy for Farmers based in Spain, Barcelona. His work on sustainable energies in agriculture and food processing seem boundless. Via the continued improvement and updates of the blog, Albert has started NaRural Energy an online website and community that links farmers and professional energy engineers.

Would solar panes work best with your poultry enterprise or would a bio-gas system be most suitable to a livestock farm? This week tech4agri takes a brief look at NaRural energy. Visit their website to have the answer to these and many other related questions. Click the picture link above for  the video interview!

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  1. About the video: Music is overwhelming, can’t actually hear the interviewee, no use watching the video as it does not give any useful advice on how things work on that very confusing website (narural’s). The idea is great, the product less so.

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