Sometimes I wonder how my lecturers and my seniors got by in their studies without some of the web and electronic tools we have today. But it dawns on me that those who have gone before us as students of agriculture had a lot less to learn. Knowledge sharing was limited but centralized where as today the world of information is just about everywhere and on everything.

However as the post “Ag Research and Databases” can remind you, too much info can be a hindrance. One wouldn’t know where to start.  However I have learned from personal experience that if you truly wish to learn from your studies, you will overcome such obstacles  and over time gain powerful information gathering skills in the process.

Today’s post seeks to help you in that sense by highlighting two excellent resources/databases:

TECA Ag databaseTECA is a platform created and hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organisation where you can find practical information –agricultural technologies and practices – to help small producers in the field. Browsing this database revealed a wealth of information. From case studies to technical papers, examples and instructions to scientific papers and researched topics.

Information for these sources comes from countries in South America, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean among others and it is provided in french english and spanish.

Users can either register and find information on technologies and practices of every kind related to agriculture or choose to join exchange groups which are the ultimate form of knowledge sharing. Rather than receive formal training for a skill, it may be best to relate this information from one practitioner or producer to the other.

Areas of interest found on the database include agricultural mechanization, capacity development, climate change and disaster risk mitigation, crop production, fisheries, forestry, livestock production, nutrition, natural resource management and post harvest & marketing. You’re encouraged to visit  TECA as a stakeholder in agriculture and make use of the available info.

E AgricultureThe other outlet, you should know well. It was featured on the last post on ag databases – E Agriculture is a global Community of
Practice, where people from all over the world exchange information, ideas, and resources related to the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for sustainable agriculture and rural development.

The organizers of this database are hosting an e-forum from Feb 25 – Mar 8 which asks: How can we strengthen e-agriculture strategies and policies (holistic ICT strategies and policies dedicated to the agriculture sector) in African Caribbean and Pacific countries?

Well…How can we? Why not register and give your opinion; share your experiences so that effective policy can be devised with you as part of the advisory committee. Visit E- Agriculture, you would be amazed as to the vast amount of information it can provide.

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