Real Time Online Farming and more!

One of the major problems that faces Caribbean agriculture deals with the level of technological application. Not to be mistaken there are many entrepreneurs and small farmers in this region that are up to date with the necessary tech. For instance farm equipment technology and the technical know-how to ensure maintenance is widespread (despite high cots). Agro economy and agri science is are also very present in the region. However social media and other ICT technologies are not.

Readers, let me introduce you to Isaac Holdings Limited (IHL) a Modern Agriculture, Outdoor Maintenance & Estate Management Brand owned and operated by Atkin and Arvin Isaac, agri entrepreneurs from my home country Trinidad.

These innovators have enacted upon the Online Farming Concept with great results. Consumers are able to choose a vegetable crop and manage its development via social media. By selecting a ‘bundle’ all inputs such as seedlings, fertilizers, pesticides, record keeping, labour and of course the land resource is included in a small investment. Via one on one service consumers can make that investment and monitor its progress online without ever having to leave their home or workplace.


Apart from providing this innovative service, the strategy garners interest in farming and agriculture by the general public. Consumers are in fact agribusiness owners as they actually make decisions concerning their crops online.  If need be consumers can visit their investment for a hands on experience . In addition once the crop is harvested profits from its sale or the crop are shared between the owners and the investors.

It should be noted that the innovators in this case are very much aware of food security issues. Therefore a big part of their mindset is to push agriculture as a business, as an income provider and to encourage as many persons in its pursuit as possible.

Would you like to meet other like minded youth in agriculture? Also introducing Msekiwa  from Malawi and Codrin from Belgium.

Msekiwa is making strides with the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) Regional Fish Node (RFN). It is now a center of excellence for the coordinating and facilitating of the state of art of research and dissemination on fisheries and Aquaculture in Africa. She manages and updates the unit’s social media outlets including its blog, twitter and facebook accounts.

Codrin is the co founder of the NGO, Young Leaders in Local Development (YLPD). He is an experienced policy adviser in global agri policy and development. Currently he hopes to attend the One Young World summit where he can have great impact in existing youth-led lobbying and advocacy efforts in the field of agriculture and food security. You can help him out by contributing to his campaign here.

You can see more of Msekiwa’s and Codrin’s work via the Youth in Ag links to the top menu of the blog!

Feel free to check out Issac Holdings Limited on facebook! facebook page! Like, share, comment and discuss!


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