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Slide1This week, tech4agri does some introspection with several changes to the blog. As promised upgrades have been made. Let’s take a quick look!

(1) First off the blog’s new logo takes center stage as part of the new header and title.

(2) Next an entirely new menu is now available. Agri product of the month is a set space for entrepreneurs and business professionals to advertise their products and services.

Two options are placed for Youth in agriculture Spotlight to highlight their activities, whether it be their profile, blog or other activity. Every month two young professionals in agriculture will be featured.

Then there is a standard About page which has just been updated and upgraded with a short promotional video.

Lastly a page is dedicated to the Agribusiness Society of  the University of the West Indies, a student organisation which the blog is associated with.

(3) Of course, Don’t forget to subscribe via email address!

Slide2(4) Tech4agri is now on facebook! With the same goals as the blog, the facebook page links you to other relevant pages and makes it easier for you to follow the updates of the blog. Visit and like the facebook page now!

(5) In order to access job opportunities, global experiences in agriculture, conference/events and more follow the twitter feed posted on the blog. Follow @wiscobasco for even more!

(6) You as the reader decides which posts make it to the Top post/pages of the blog. These top 4 vary with the number of views daily, so if you wish to see your favorite topics on the top, spread the word about the blog.

(7) And lastly here are the Blogs I follow. Currently only two of them are shown but that simply means that they are the best (as chosen by the wordpress engine)

Slide3Hope these upgrades are to your liking. Look forward to more video Posts & innovating topics on technology4agri!


Check out tech4agri on facebook!

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