All the talk on Climate Smart Agriculture

Climate Change talks

Climate Change talks –

Recently the 18th session of the Conference of the Parties (#COP18) to the United nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in the middle eastern country of Qatar. High on the agenda of  discussions is the impact that agriculture has on climate change policy.

Globally agriculture is treated as a major contributor to climate change due to issues such as Land degradation, deforestation, and chemical use among other aspects.

As a result in the last decade there has been a great push for adaption strategies to be a place on large scale farming systems as well as mitigation techniques to combat the effects of climate change on the same said system.

Additionally numerous policies such as the REDD+ have been implemented with many more being drafted, discussed and lobbied for support.

But where does all this leave the Caribbean? Apart from the Jagdeo Initiative, there has been very little discussion/actions towards impact worthy, climate smart agriculture.

Although there is all this talk internationally, very little is done at the ground level for developing regions such as the Caribbean. This situation is most unfortunate as many food producers feel the consequences of climate change ever so often. Mainly two extremes are felt, long periods of drought or excessive rainfall.

To ensure food security it is important that food producers of every kind take part in international discourse on climate smart agriculture, adaption, mitigation and research.

One should not wait on those in authority to identify the appropriate strategies. The discourse is available to all. Garner your own information and even participate in the discussion so that you can benefit from climate smart activity.

The “Big Facts” website is a one-stop-shop for the most important facts and figures on climate change, agriculture and food security. Each fact is exhaustively researched and illustrated with original info-graphics and compelling images. Take a look and share!

Big Facts, Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security

Big Facts, Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security

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