After the end of Agriculture…?

Source: – As depicted the carbon dioxide from an opera singer is used to stimulate the taste of the algae which in turn can then be eaten.

Readers! The last few posts have been centered on agricultural research,agri-policy, agri-youth among few others.

Getting back to the major theme of this blog we focus on the website  Via a BBC report, I came across this online gem with the tagline:

What new cultural revolution will replace agriculture? How will our species and civilization be transformed?

The website is focused on a strange amalgamation of technology, art and agriculture that give a futuristic vision of food production. Confused? I know I am.

In browsing the source tells of Algaculture which is the study and cultivation of species of algae for human consumption.

In one instance the algae is treated using the carbon dioxide of an opera singer making the algae respond, tasting sweeter or bitter based on her performance.

In another instance an artist suggests placing algae within human organs thereby allowing humans to be semi photosynthetic as the algae require light to survive.

Shocking are these concepts and ideas, some of which are actually in existence.

However the idea has limited impact. It operates under the assumption that agriculture will no longer exist as an industry or culture in the very near future.

I completely disagree with this notion.

Source: – An illustration of the concept of semi photosynthetic humans. The idea is that algae is placed into the human body. It will be fed by light and the human feeds on it.

These technologies though fascinating and exciting are contradictory to current technologies for agriculture.

It is my opinion that we are capable of feeding our near 9 billion humans on the planet now and in the near future using only the mopst applicable agricultural techniques or concepts that currently exist.

Our leaders, our nations, our communities and ourselves…we all just have to buckle down and do it.

Marvelous these ideas are and a powerful alternative for the distant future they represent but we have our resources here in the present. It is better that we use them sustainably for now and for the future.

This case is clearly an issue of Suitable Technologies And Algaculture may not be ready for the main stream.

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