Suitable technologies!

The Agri Cube
Image Courtesy: Google Search

In browsing the idea database found at I came across some interesting high tech agricultural products. Without thinking the thought came to mind of how marvelous these products are; but are they necessary?

The first was the Japanese created Agri-Cube a container unit that fits inside a standard parking space and can produce 10,000 vegetables a year.

“The Agri-Cube utilises variable fluorescent lighting, temperature control and a fertilizer circulation and drainage system to give urban farmers flexibility with their crops, which grow on stacked shelves inside the unit.”  

Now this device has its uses. It gives the user complete control over the environment in which food grows. And due to it’s high production, it can be used in schools, hospitals, restaurant etc. However this device is quite costly and it has a high maintenance cost. Keep this point on hand.

The Water Generating Wind Turbine
Image courtesy:

Heading over a continent to France, the company Eole Water has now created a wind turbine that can condense water in the air and make it safe for drinking. According to the company, the turbine can produce up to 1,000 liters a day. For communities situated in regions with few or low quality water supplies, the turbine could prove to be a vital resource.”

The device is now being tested in extreme weather conditions. The benefits of this device are outstanding as water is a necessity for life. Livestock and crops can then rely on this as a suitable resource. As with the previous contraption this technology is quite expensive and has been in research and development for years. Remember this second point as well.

My question is this: Why should so much be invested on such high levels of technology if much simpler and cost effective techniques are in coexistence? Further thought led to the realization that I was thinking in such small standards.

The Caribbean  does not have harsh or inclement weather year round whereas other places in the world do experience such weather. Regardless of where in the world humanity exists, food and water are an absolute necessity.

These technologies may be unsuitable for some regions of the world, but for developed countries they are quite affordable and cost effective. Not only are these technologies a wonder, but they are thoughtful purpose driven towards food and nutrition security, rather than achieving the rewards generated by the success of business operation.

For a video highlighting the Agri Cube, click here

For a concept video explaing the workings of the water generating wind turbine click here

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