The Power of Ideas in food development.

The Solar Powered Grill – Still being researched. These are conceptual images.

Have you ever had an idea and realized that someone else already came up with that idea? Even worse the other individual has done his research and development and made that idea into a reality, so much to the fact that it looks exactly as you imagined it!

Trust me it’s quite annoying. There goes an opportunity for you to create your own business and to better yourself, professionally. A situation like this happened to a nutrition student and colleague of mine. She indicated to me that she was interested in figuring out how to harness solar energy for cooking with out the use of gas.

It was my unfortunate duty to tell her that this was already being done.  New solar technology developed by  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor David Wilson and his team of students have created a Solar Powered Grill.

The device is still in its design stage while market research for entry into both developed and developing countries are on the way. As you can see from the conceptual images above, the product can be used in a variety of cultures. Here is a list of benefits, none of which the student even thought of:

  • The technology stores heat for later use rather than generating it from scratch each time. By its design it harnesses the light of the sun and coverts it into heat via convection.
  • Designs are either free of gas/propane use or partially uses such. In either case it avoides the need for firewood reducing air pollution and other related problems.
  • The product offers an eco friendly method to cooking outdoors.
To the incredulous student and you, I encourage you to get your ideas down on paper, start thinking of making them a reality, become the agri entreprenur that you are.
That last one was  a cliche statement but the advice remains the same.
Feel free to collaborate with persons in other fields, such as inventors and engineers. As I indicated on a previous post, a global trend in agriculture exists whereby collaborations with other fields of study and industry are now partnering together to facilitate agricutlural technology in every away imaginable. By the example of the Solar Grill you can see how powerful an idea is and what it can become.


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