‘New’ Trends in Agriculture Design

Readers! Hope you all are having a great week. I intend to keep this week’s post short with a simple trend I have been noticing. As you already know the technology4agri blog is regularly updated. In the process I come across a large amount of reports on agriculture of every kind at every level.

Around the global there seems to be an increase in the number of persons turning to agriculture as a second career for a viable future given the state of global economy. Many wish to be self sufficient and produce their own food for themselves and their community.

However these new agriculturist come to the field with new ideas, or a completely different view on food production. Businessmen, designers, engineers, inventors, artists and the like are bringing new skills to agricultural production.  These ‘new’ designs are visually pleasing to the eye as well.

In checking out a Facebook group called Hydroponic Micro Farms, I discovered their photo album illustrated exactly what I’m referring too. Several groups, institutions, business and governments are also realizing this trend and making investments in this ‘New Agriculture’. I’m all for it to ensure global food and nutrition security.

Check out a few of their images below and visit their Facebook page for more!

Top Left: Reworked design for a hydroponic System
Bottom left: A Japanese Hydroponic Vending machine Growing veges free of sunlight.
Right: A vertical garden on a building staircase in Germany

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