Agri-applications via the New Picture Link Wall!

Technology successes initiatives and innovations in agriculture was a previous post in June. The post consisted of  several links to recent success across the global in entrepreneurial agri-initiatives. Therefore this week I thought I would post something similar but….with a twist.

You may be aware of Pinterest and Instagram. These are fast growing social media that focuses on pictures and linking them to already existing social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. As such I present my Pinterest and Instagram inspired, Picture Link Wall.

My hope is that this design of these links will be much more interesting that the previous post. Each picture below has a brief description that explains or highlights new or current technological applications and advancements in Agriculture and other agri- related activities across the globe. Enjoy!

The Caribbean Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Network, summarizes numerous articles which describe trends and technological developments that are going to change our view of what 21st century agriculture might look like. To visit their website for more info, click the picture.

Homesteading Self Sufficiency Survival a popular website given the stress of living in today;s world has put forward this great design for a hydroponic system. Using their steps anyone can create a low-cost hydroponic garden at home using basic styrofoam boxes. Click the picture to access these steps, their facebook page and move onto their website

Tropickle foods is a small Agro processing business based in Trinidad and Tobago. The idea was to take innovative ideas and transform them into a more materialistic form.Pickling vegetables was the main idea,and a slow transition into dehydrated localized agri -products. Click on the picture to visit their newly formed facebook page.

The Office Farm based in Tokyo Japan, pictured by National Geographic: An employee harvests veggies grown inside an office “urban farm” – Photo Courtesy of the Urban Farm Magazine. Click the picture to find them on facebook.

The Young Professionals Platform fo Agriocultural Research Development (YPARD) reports on FarmLogs, a start-up based in Michigan, USA, is a one of a few new companies that are making a pitch to farmers. It offers a cloud-based software service — no software is downloaded; only a Web browser is needed — that embodies the latest technology. But in reaching its intended customers, the company must often rely on an old-fashioned medium: in-person selling.

This recent unveiling by Hyundai seems to be the perfect way to add a bit of green to your living space. Called the Kitchen Nano Garden, this concept enables you to add a garden to your apartment kitchen without too much of a hassle! The Kitchen Nano Garden works as a perfect solution to urban gardening and sports tiered metal shelves, climate control panels, and water source attachments too! Click the picture for more images.

A previous article by the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) gave an overview of aquaculture in Trinidad and Tobago and the challenges faced by this industry. Today we feature new technologies used at the IMA for more sustainable and profitable aquaculture ventures. Here the general public is being educated as to the benefit of aquaculture systems. Click the picture for more info.

Farmhopping is a network of operating farms that users can part-own and manage using an interactive web platform. Targeting both would-be virtual farmers and already-operating real-world farmers with sustainable farms to share. Click the picture for more into

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