Agriculture for the home.

The Greenwheel has a motor to circulate nutrient water, necessary inner and outer lights and of course a sleek design.

In today’s world technological innovation is everywhere and made for everything! Agriculture is no exception. reports on this creatively designed device called a “Green Wheel, a rotary garden compact enough to fit on an indoor shelf, with iphone inspired aesthetics to match.”

The contraption has a spiral-shaped growing environment which helps to maximise the use of space. It’s design was actually meant for outer space, offering a method for astronauts to grow fresh greens for subsistence consumption.

Despite all it’s features it is simply a cleverly designed hydroponic garden that’s in the shape of a small wheel. But this cleverness can act as an incentive to general public to begin growing food in their homes.

Since the device fits on a shelf it looks like a fancy ornament which is perfect for homemakers while it doubles as a handy piece of home decor with multiple functions. Click the link above to read the article for more info on the Green Wheel.

Using the Magnetic Back piece these various eco-friendly pots create a vertical wall garden with a sleek aesthetic. Most important is the subsistence farming/gardening that they can contribute to.

This same website reports similar ingenuity with handy Magnetic Urban Garden Pots.

What are they?

Inventive and miniature eco-friendly pots of various shapes and sizes that can be be placed inside or outside of your home, in almost any location via magnetic strips.

Simple yet very effective, much to  a home maker’s delight as this creation also doubles as an ornament and a contributor to household food security.

The design of these pieces where made to create a vertical wall garden as it is supported with magnetic back piece that can be hung. Check out the previous link for a product video. I should also mention that these things are for sale…meaning an agri-entreprenur had some kind of input somewhere along the production chain.

Think about how you can be just as innovative in your own right.

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