Natural Super Food vs Man Made GM Food

The post for this week is not about any customized technology, or new revolutionary tool or thoughts on future agri techniques. Today we focus on the Chocho bean. A BBC report highlights the bean and its immense benefits:

“Chocho is a  native Ecuadorian bean that to the naked eye does not look special in any way. However researchers claim it is a super food. It contains healthy fats, has high levels of fiber and minerals and is also pollution free. It is believed to surpass Quinoa (this is a grain-like crop grown primarily for its edible seeds) and soya. Not only is it nutritious but also very flavorful. Locals eat this bean every day  as a part of meals.”

The Chocho bean

Assuming the reports of this superfood is true, why is it that it is just being reported about. The bean has been around since the time of the Conquistadors and the Spanish Empire. To clarify this is long before Colonization during the time when trade began to occur between nations of Europe and Asia.

The bean has distinct look and I know I have eaten it before. It is available in the Caribbean. Even more perplexing is this thought; if super foods such as Quinoa, soya and chocho exist why then is there the need for Genetically modified foods.

GM foods are primarily used to enrich food, altering it to give you the best properties or the properties of other foods. It’s meant to make it better and resistant to pests and diseases. If so what about the natural super foods? Weren’t they around all this time? Why is there a need for GM food when there are natural foods that for lack of a better term seem perfect.

They do not require not an once of scientific tampering to ‘make them better‘ Clearly there is something else of material origin to be gained from GM foods at the cost of our health and natural ways of nutrition.  Personally I’m not sure of the scientifically created GM food is the best.

You be the Judge.

To see the report yourself, Click here Do your own research on Chocho and Quinoa as super foods!

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