Harvesting the Water

My apologies for the extremely late post however it is not without due cause. The blog has undergone some changes, nothing too drastic however I have been making attempts to better it’s appearance. Massive editing  of every post since its creation in 2011 have been completed. Also The widgets to the right of the blog posts are as effective and useful as ever. Feel free to check out past entries.

To keep this entry concise I’ll be highlighting another simple technology that you can use in your own subsistence gardening or farming. Remember my posts on Farming the Water and Cultivating the Water?

Of course you do! These centered on our most precious resource, water and harvesting it from natural rainfall. Well after these posts I though of  ways in which I could do the same but on a much smaller scale. I even began designing a contraption, however someone else beat me to the punch. After all it is practical.

It’s called Rainsaucers, a standalone rainwater harvesting system  See this video on how it is put together. Simple as it is the contraption can be immediately applied to small or micro farmers and your personal garden.

This contraption, in my humble opinion, can even be outfitted with irrigation lines and placed in strategic locations of a shade house. Thereby the run off of the house can flow directly into these containers and then out to produce. I should note that this device is not new by any means. I have seen rainwater harvesting techniques that are quite innovative used for personal use by persons living to the south east of Trinidad. This contraption is just a fraction of  what techniques are in existence.



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