Using the technology we’ve got!

A supervisor explains to the students the equipment used for the weather station, the system itself and what measurements are available.

Did you know that some people do not believe in climate change?! I hope you aren’t one of them as much of global discourse focuses on this topic and its effects on agriculture in addition to the increased instances of natural disasters. As we all know once crops and livestock are lost due to any kind of inclement weather there is no replacing them.

Therefore predicting weather conditions and patterns is clearly important. On the ABS Study Tour that was recently held in Jamaica, students visited the Sam Motta Demonstration and Training Centre (SMDTC) to examine their Goat and Sheep breeding and production programme. However in the process of this learning event, we were exposed to the station’s recently acquired weather monitoring system.

The equipment is quite impressive offering regular updates on weather patterns/measurements and easy access via internet and USB connection capability. However the system is not connected to the internet reducing its effectiveness.Though the technology is present it is simply being underutilized.

On the other end of the spectrum, I came across this video on (Click the link to see the video). It explains the “John Deere Mobile Weather Device  which is now available for application equipment to help operators make proper weather-related decisions.”

Therefore when tending to lands in their tractor, or other vehicle the farm operator is able to identify how weather conditions such as wind velocity, precipitation and humidity may affect the application of a product such as fertilizer or pesticide. This allows the farmer to effectively apply this product at all times.

That’s quite impressive in my book. Although we may not have need for such technology, we here in the Caribbean should make full use of what we’ve got. In this case it’s just as good!

Weather Station at Sam Motta Demonstration Station, Jamaica


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