Jatropha – The New hope for bio fuel

Recently I read an online article from the National Geographic that highlights how ‘Growing Food Demand Strains Energy and Water Supplies’ specifically among developing countries. Read that article here. Despite this statement, several stories of this blog have found methods which can resolve these problems.

Previous posts such as Farming the Water allows farmers and producers within these developing countries to solve access to water issues without spending excessive amounts of capital for more advanced technologies. With respect to energy needs for field operations alternatives exist in the form of Biomass and Bio Fuels.

GFE Global  is an international company focused on  sustainable energy solutions. It’s was established in 2009 as a solutions and technology company within the renewable and self-sustainable energy markets. Their history comes from over three years of in-depth research and development in the areas of Crop Cultivation of Bio-fuel Feedstock, Sustainable Intercropping, Livestock Farming, and Biodiesel Extraction and Refining technologies.

They are experts in Jatropha Cultivation, Jatropha Consulting, Algae and seed oil press extraction solutions for production of bio-diesel and Inter-cropping Jatropha with cash crops.


Jatropha is an herb, a shrub and a tree. With 15oo species, it has many purposes  such as medicinal and uses for heating oil and even soap products. Jatropha Curcas is one of the more important species as it can be used for bio fuel production. It can grow on marginal land thereby reducing competition against food crops.

Furthermore this crop is carbon neutral meaning that when burnt it does not contribute to and increase in Carbon Dioxide emissions. It does have a few limitations i.e. it does not require large amounts of water and is not resilient against freezing climates. For a short video presentation and the source of information on this crop, click HERE.

Unfortunately despite the reports of the benefits of this oil seed, the authorities of  Caribbean agriculture have failed to make its production a reality on local lands. The Demara waves newspaper of Guyana reports that plans have been scrapped plans to use jatropha (also called physic nut) as a source of bio-fuels because a study has shown that it is an invasive species that may affect other forms of vegetation. Read the report here.

This news conflict with the information provided by GFE Global who report that after their research proper cultivation of the plant does in fact allow the production of the oil seed at high yields. Even inter cropping jatropha with cash crops is feasible. It seems that further research is necessary to verify the  sustainable growth of jatropha here in the Caribbean due to our particular environment.

(Photos: Courtesy Google Search)


  1. The use of bio-fuels no doubt is becoming more necessary in these modern times! Whatever research must be done, should be done as soon as possible to verify the sustainability of the cultivation of the jatropha crop in the Caribbean!! Tremendous opportunities and benefits await.

  2. Sir,

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    Farm lands are becoming unproductive deserts. Today many parts of the world, decline in agricultural production resulting in severe food shortage. Natural resources are over exploited and many of them are becoming extinct. Overall condition of our mother earth is in severe trouble. Situation is alarming and it is the time for all of us to react.

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