Social Media: Linking Youth in Agriculture

We all know that social media has taken the world by storm. Internet enabled devices of every kind all have social media applications and platforms. There are a myriad of platforms with more being created and others falling of the wagon everyday.

Nonetheless this technology has made it possible for persons, especially youth to connect and share ideas and information on just about everything. Once again like many other industries/sectors this technology can and is being utilized for agricultural development.

Specific emphasis can be placed on young persons involved in agriculture. There are many groups across the Caribbean that have been advocating youth involvement in agriculture at varying levels. Social Media has allowed these groups to build networks in their respective geographic areas.

The technology has also allowed some of these groups to forage links with each other and provide moral support. Here is a list of agricultural youth groups in the Caribbean Region all of varying levels of activity:

The Agribusiness Society of the University of the West Indies-

The Caribbean Agriculture Forum for Youth –

The St. Kitts and Nevis Agricultural Youth Forum –

The St. Lucia Agriculture Forum for Youth –

The National Association of  Youth in Agriculture (Dominica) –!/profile.php?id=667536549

The Guyana Forum for Youth in Agriculture –

The  CTA Agriculture, Rural Development and Youth in the Information Society  (ARDYIS) –

NB: CTA – Centre for Technical Assistance in Agriculture.


  1. There is definitely a time and place for utilising social media and the internet in liking groups and more specifically linking youths in agriculture. A lot more useful information could be shared and collaborated upon via these means, while minimising several costs, such as transport. Agricultural groups utilising social media would also greatly assist in time efficiency by reducing the need to travel (valuable time lost in transit) to various locations just to discuss a point for example, Having social media involved could also prove useful in drawing and maintaining youth interest in agriculture, especially those who are technology savvy.

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