Youth and Mobile ICT in AFRICA!

For a quick read, check out this link that highlights young persons using mobile phone applications for agriculture!  People use their mobile devices in many situations for a number of reasons.

It follows that while working in your greenhouse, getting input supplies, harvesting or some other agricultural activity that your mobile device can be useful. Some of the apps creted by young africans in agriculture include:

  • A grain supply management system that monitors the purchase, storage, distribution and consumption of grain across Tanzania
  • A calculator which looks at climate and locality data to help farmers decide which crops to plant and when. The app focuses on the most commonly grown crops in Kenya
  • A mobile and web-based application that serves as a marketplace for crops by linking communities in need with those who have the required produce; based in Uganda



  1. When more focus is placed on food production in terms of implementation of practical policies and incentives for innovation in agriculture and introduction of agricultural courses with a focus on innovation at even primary schools. When the benefits of convenience and profit returns using apps is repeatedly mentioned and advertised via different media. When there is a drastic move to reeducate the Caribbean people especially Trinidadians on the value and importance of food security and the use of technology in agriculture (as early as childhood), then we may see the apps for the Caribbean. I do believe that even though the masses don not follow such a trend, there would be a few innovators who will!

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