Laser Beams Create Rain

The title of this blog post is correct. Unfortunately that is not an error. Last year I reported on silver iodine missiles used in china and other countries, which when shot into clouds creates either rain or ice. It was used during severe drought that hindered agricultural production in China.

It was not perfect as at times ice, hail and snow fell instead of rain. This is no longer the case. reports that Swiss engineers have created a system using lasers which when consecutively fired into clouds increases water droplets leading to rain. You’ve read correctly; science fiction is ever more present in today’s world. And here its uses extend into agricultural production due to its necessity for water.

According to the website: The technique, called laser-assisted water condensation, sees laser beams create water droplets in the air allowing mankind to, for the first time, determine where and when rain falls. This could solve drought, famine and all sorts of climate change catastrophes… however, excepting storms.

Read more: Swiss Team Create Rain By Firing Laser Beams Into The Sky | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

See source photos and read the blog here:


  1. Apart from whatever positives this development may bring more research needs to be conducted to determine its impact on the ecosystem. Additionally policies and regulations would need to play a role in ensuring the technology is not misused in any way!

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