I See It But….What Is It? – Extreme Farm Machinery


I thought I’d begin the New Year with something quick and interesting. First off – take a look at this short video here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmIeF3ByH-E&feature=related

Got it? Did you see it?! Good, now what in the hell is that thing?! I have no idea what the purpose of the machine is …. to harvest a commodity, or to assist in clearing the land of unwanted overgrowth? Due the terrain of most Caribbean countries, it is difficult or rather unfeasible to invest in excessive amounts of machinery. Machinery is used and it is present but it is very specific and limited especially when it comes to incumbent terrain. However the level of agricultural technology that exists is mind-blowing on the global scale. Hopefully in the future, the Caribbean can see greater use of this unknown technology.

NB: For those of you that can’t stand the mystery and would really like to know what it is, see the answer in the comments section. found directly below the video.


  1. The machine above is an a combination tedder and rake. if your hay is wet, you can use the tedder to spread the hay out to dry faster when the hay is dry enough to bale, you use it to rake the hay into wind rows so the baler can pick it up and bale it. This machinery is used in North America

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