Wa Samaki Ecosystems

Wa Samaki Ecosystems, created in 1997, offers a working example of  a Permaculture operation producing cut flowers for the local market, organic food for our household consumption, wildlife conservation, watershed rehabilitation, Permaculture Design Courses, workshops and volunteer  and internship opportunities.

The organisation has worked with organisations such as IICA and The Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI). The operation also provides consultancy in permaculture operations, youth outreach programs and a number of widespread environmental projects.

Although I have not visited the establishment in person, I have heard nothing but good tidings about its operation and services. According to my colleagues the entire system is quite impressive, extension based and scientifically tested. As such I encourage you to visit http://www.wasamakipermaculture.org/#! to see for yourselves the scale and benefit of such production and schedule a visit!

The Website of Wa samaki Permaculture, in Trinidad and Tobago

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  1. Thanks for the post Keron, it was pretty interesting, as a closer look must be paid to environmental conservation in agriculture. Its a bit suprising though that they have been in existence since 1997 and I have never heard about them prior to your post. So keep up the good job! Would definitely consider learning a lot more about the organisation and their practice of Permaculture!

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