Near Field Communication Technology

Have you ever been to an ag-research conference, training seminar, farmers’ meeting or stakeholder assembly with intentions of networking yourself ? But at the end of the activity you’ve realized that you only met three people… Or that you ran out of business cards… Or that you don’t feel as though you didn’t interact with the right people… T

his is all due to the time it takes to exchange personal and business information, especially with a person you have just met. Formalities must take place before any meaningful business discussion can occur. And after such, nothing of benefit may come to fruition as you may not have left the desired impression or your information is simply lost among the multitude of stakeholders all vying for each others attention.

This process is made all the easier using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. NFC allows for simplified transactions, data exchange, and wireless connections between two devices in close proximity to each other, usually by no more than a few centimeters.

Simply put it allows information to be transferred by touch. This technology is now being incorporated into USB devices and smart phones. Therefore when these devices touch, they interact with each other automatically and acts as a means of data transfer.

Other relevant uses include, as an electronic business card, for making payment, as electronic ID, as an ice breaker for initial meetings, blue tooth pairing, Wi-Fi connections, file sharing and social networking. This tech is even being used on ‘smart poster tags’ – these are stickers which are  placed on posters or products that allows information on the object to be provided to any other device that has NFC as well.

For example, During an agricultural trade show, while the presenter is otherwise engaged, you the consumer can use your mobile phone’s NFC tech to garner rich information about the product from its NFC smart tag.

You can then use your USB device or the like to exchange personal, business or social network contact details with the presenter. All it takes is a touch. This technology is one of the fastest growing methods of data transfer and as you can see it has its applications in every field, including agriculture.

Examples of NFC Technology
Photos: Courtesy Google Search

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  1. Wow yet again technology has been made available to assist in the solving of typical problems in addition to its convenience. Networking, data gathering and so forth are key components in achieving success in ones business and this technology could greatly aid in that respect. However some thought would need to be given to those who may not consider themselves technology savvy. The cost may or may not be a factor(depending on the individual’s financial status, perception of things etc) but it would sure be worth it!

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