The ”Latest” tech in cucumber harvesting!

In browsing the world wide web I came across this oddity that has been in existence for quite some time at The above picture panel highlights ‘the latest technology in automated agriculture’ or rather it makes fun of it. Yes it is real; a contraption that combines mechaniceryand manual labor to harvest cucumbers!

It functions by having a common tractor attached to a construct that allows persons to comfortably lay flat on their stomach at a ground level. The construct is then pulled along the cucumber plots while the persons laying in it can easily harvest the cucumber.

Here are its advantages:

  • Fosters Agrotourism as visitors to the farm are able to partake in agricultural harvesting ‘on the spot’
  • Innovative use of common technology
  • Harvesting of cucumbers is completed at a faster rate
  • Ease of harvesting (No more bending of one’s back)
  • The list goes on…

It might seem strange, you might not think its real, and by no means is this ‘the latest tech in automated agriculture’. Once again we have an example of technology benefiting agricultural development.


  1. What an interesting and innovative use of modern technology! This could definitely inspire those interested in agro-tourism to seek fun & innovative ways to develop & or maintain a competitive edge in their venture.

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