Real Growing Spaces

For the majority of the year there has been a lot of  discussion on urgent topics such as , the looming Global Food Crisis, Regional Food Security and the importance of Nutrition. One might think these are all issues to be solved at the Governance level however this is a misconception.

You can provide your own food by turning whatever space you have in and around your home into a growing space. Such simple activities can drastically increases the level of your household food security.

Grow your own food!!! A simple technology such as the Multi-Storey Garden is one such example. This picture panel highlights more examples:

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  1. Home gardening is so important and I realised this whenever I have to cook or assist in cooking and I dont ever have to buy certain things like chive. There were times also when things were rough and homegrown provision, like cassava and dasheen came in quite handy! So providing and supplimenting our foods needs with whatever resources we have, no matter how little is always a great idea. Those were also some interesting pictures that showed how simple technology could aid in the betterment of our food security status.

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