Farming the Water!

There are places in the Caribbean with high altitude terrain. Within these areas you will definitely find hillside farming, terracing and the like. Well here is a technology that can be quite effective. Its called Fog collectors – These are vertical panels of polyethylene mesh that collect water from the surrounding fog, in high altitude areas and channels it to a storage tank. Thereby water that may be difficult to access because of the terrain, is easily farmed from the sky!

This is a novel idea and as you’ll see at this video ( provides much valuable water for communities and its agriculture. You can get more information at


  1. What an innovative, yet simple and amazing technology which could definitely prove useful in suitable areas!! It also appears to be low cost in nature which is an additional advantage. I am also surprised that this technology has been out for a little while and I had not heard about it prior to your post Keron.

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