Future energy in Bio-fuels !

Many of us have an idea about what bio-fuels are. To be clear, Bio-fuels are produced from living organisms or from metabolic by-products (organic or food waste products).

It’s an alternative form of fuel developed to combat the negative effects caused by fossil fuels on the environment. Among developed countries it has been adopted into energy systems providing electricity, gas and heating.

In Canada, at a dairy farm, manure is processed into electricity which powers the facility itself, the farm and an entire community nearby. In this case bio-fuel is so effective one wonders why it is not commonly used technology around the world.

In Trinidad and Tobago, this technology can be applied to the Arawak Poultry Processing facility.  This facility produces large volumes of chicken to satisfy the immense demand within the country. Just as the waste of the Canadian farm is recycled into power so can the same be applied to Arawak’s facilities.

Comment and post any info you find on Bio-Fuels!

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