Free ICT…where?

Most of us should already know what ICT is? Information and Communication Technology is everywhere; audio visual systems, telecommunications and computer networks are all forms of ICT.

This term is an expressive way of referring to technology: for example a TV, a cell phone and the internet. No matter how you describe it, they allow us to communicate information about anything, even Agriculture. You just have to find it!!!

I came across this website  that highlights just what I’m talking about. Its an agricultural talk show on value chains in agribusiness that uses Pod casts or video files. I also found another talk show that came on the form of a blog, at

Organizations like the Caribbean Farmers Organization (CaFan) are responsible for these outlets but but more can be done to inform possible users of this information throughout the Caribbean. The more open the discussion the easier a solution might be found to what ever agri-related problem that exists in the region.

Check out for more info on the podcast. See if you find any other useful agri-ICTs of any kind and share your comments on the blog!


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