Multi-Storey Garden  Click here to watch this clip.

This video is part of  three short films made by Christian Aid in Kenya on risk reduction to disasters. It features a visit from Diarmuid Gavin who learns from and shares new techniques with local farmers.

The video highlights a technique for a different type of vegetable garden. Its called a ‘Multi-Storage Garden.’ It is heavily used in Kenya and other parts of the African continent.

It is a simple technology whereby a circular crocus bag or cereal bag is filled with soil and small holes are place all around its circumference. That way vegetables can be grown all around the bag and at its opening at the top.

The innovation saves water which runs the length of the bag from the top to the bottom and it also saves space as the level of produce gained from one bag is the same as a small kitchen garden.

This is extremely innovative by any means. Even people in city apartment buildings can grow a vegetable garden on their balcony despite the limited space available. Why is this not common knowledge? Can you answer that question? As far as I see couldn’t this innovation assist in the issue of House hold food security?

NB: Similar to the Multi-Story Garden, is the Vertical Grow Pipe. The construct is depicted below. This innovative creation was introduced at the World Food Day Celebration 2010 at the University of the West Indies.  Either of these innovations are useful and deserve to be common knowledge to assist in ensuring household food security.


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